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Terms and Conditions


Proshare2u is a passive online business platform offered to all walks of life. To ensure that this platform is running smoothly, those involved must abide by the terms and conditions set out so no unintended problems occur later on.The following terms and conditions must be complied with by each individual who is participating in Proshare2u:

1.1) Individuals are free to have multiple accounts in the Proshare2u program.
1.2) If there is a negative issue as long as you are dealing with this proshare2u, you should consult your leader first. If that does not work, you can report the issue to Proshare2u for follow-up action. You are not allowed to humiliate any negative issues in social media. Your action to "viral" something that could directly affect Proshare2u's reputation directly or indirectly is a serious offense.
1.3) Open to all persons within the country and outside of the country with local bank accounts and in compliance with all applicable Malaysian business law provisions.
1.4) Every individual can not use any tricks that may harm either party either directly or indirectly.

Vip Members are referring to individuals who have joined the PROSHARE2U program. To become VIP MEMBERS, you must agree to the following terms before making any promotion:2.1) You must not distort the fact of proshare2u program solely for sales.2.2) You must be promoting in a prudent manner without compromising your competitors.2.3) You must comply with any of the terms and conditions of the platform used for promotional purposes. For example if you are promoting proshare2u on Facebook, you must obey the rules set by Facebook.2.4) The Proshare2u reserves the right to use traffic brought by VIP MEMBERS for marketing purposes, reports and so forth as it thinks fit.2.5) The bonus will be paid using Maybank and CIMB accounts only. If you enter another bank account, the "interbank transfer fee" account is deducted from your Bonus.

3.1) Fee for withdrawals of 10% of each withdrawal.
3.2) The process for withdrawal is for two (2) weeks.
• The PROSHARE2U PARTY reserves the membership account of PROSHARE2U any person who violates the prescribed terms and conditions.• The PROSHARE2U party claims that any person who violates the terms and conditions set forth in the provisions of the existing law.• The PROSHARE2U party reserves the right to amend, remove or add any of the above terms and conditions for mutual benefit without the prior consent of the other party