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The Proshare Rich Resouces Company was founded byDato Kelvin Chong on 22 October 2017. The company is incorporated under the name of PROSHARE RICH RESOURCES with registration number AS0387521-U.The company operates at No.172 Jalan Psk Utama Pekan Simpang Kuala,05350 Alor Setar Kedah.

The company runs a business that involves the sale of various products in addition to producing health food and beverage products with branding on behalf of Proshare Rich Resources company.

In addition, the company also carries out business related to agriculture and farming both locally and abroad. The property field is also a business run in this transaction.


Make Proshare Rich Resources by issuing branded health food and beverage products Quality promineral and affordable all groups of Malaysians and provide business opportunitiesto generate income to companies and traders.


Expand the business of food products and health drinksthroughout Malaysia and ASEAN countries for brand products PROSHARE is known in the world.

Latest Product : Rock Salt
Choose OM Natural Himalayan Rock Salt as an alternative to processed salts in your home and experience the difference it brings! Himalayan salt has a lot of benefits such as reducing cramps, increasing bone strength, improving kidney and gall bladder health, promote healthy libido and many more.

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